What are the most popular routes for DC-10/MD-11s on IF?

I have an airline in PAX and I just purchased the MD-11 and DC-10s so I need to add some routes for those planes. What do you guys think are popular routes that people fly on IF using MD-11/DC-10s?

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I know they flew these routes in the 80’s DC-10 Only not sure of MD-11






Are they mostly operated by American UA and Continental?

Yes they are, i think Pan Am may have done them also
mostly UAL though

Yeah I wish they had the old UA livery in IF maybe next year

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I recommend to vote on this topic then it has the old UA livery for DC-10

NZAA - KLAX !!! Is quite popular

So far I have only done refueling ops with the KC-10. All found here:


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For DC-10 and based on the liveries I suggest these ones:

Dublin(Ireland) >> London(UK) EIDW EGLL
London(UK) >> Singapore(Singapore) EGLL WSSS
San Francisco, CA(USA) >> Los Angeles(USA) KSFO KLAX
Kauai Island(USA) >> Hilo(USA) PHLI PHTO
London(UK) >> Paris(France) EGLL LFPG
Brandon(Canada) >> Miami(USA) CYBR KMIA
Vancouver, British Columbia(Canada) >> Montreal(Canada) CYVR CYUL
Montreal(Canada) >> London(UK) CYUL EGKK (Monarch Hub)
Montreal(Canada) >> London(UK) CYUL EGLL
Frankfurt(Germany) >> London(UK) EDDF (Condro Hub) EGKK
Frankfurt(Germany) >> Higlieg(Sudan) EDDF MDPC
Frankfurt(Germany) >> Santo Domingo(Venezuela) EDDF SVSO (Avensa Hub)
Frankfurt(Germany) >> Aruba(Aruba) EDDF TNCA
Munich(Germany) >> Higlieg(Sudan) EDDM MDPC
London(UK) >> Paris(France) EGKK LFPG
London(UK) >> Karachi(Pakistan) EGLL OPKC
Cairo(Egypt) >> Cape Town(South Africa) HECA FACT
Seattle(USA) >> Denver(USA) KBFI KDEN
Seattle(USA) >> Washington, DC(USA) KBFI KIAD
Seattle(USA) >> Kauai Island(USA) KBFI PHLI
Washington, DC(USA) >> Houston(USA) KDCA KIAH
Washington, DC(USA) >> Los Angeles(USA) KDCA KLAX
Denver(USA) >> Houston(USA) KDEN KIAH
Denver(USA) >> New York(USA) KDEN KJFK
Denver(USA) >> Miami(USA) KDEN KMIA
New York(USA) >> Miami(USA) KJFK KMIA
New York(USA) >> Louisville, KY(USA) KJFK KSDF
Los Angeles(USA) >> Montreal(Canada) KLAX CYUL
Los Angeles(USA) >> Honolulu(USA) KLAX PHNL
San Diego(USA) >> Denver(USA) KSAN KDEN
San Francisco, CA(USA) >> Washington, DC(USA) KSFO KDCA
Paris(France) >> Cairo(Egypt) LFPG HECA
Auckland(New Zealand) >> Brisbane(Australia) NZAA YBBN
Auckland(New Zealand) >> Singapore(Singapore) NZAA WSSS
Muscat(Oman) >> London(UK) OOMS EGLL
Muscat(Oman) >> Kuwait City(Kuwait) OOMS (Omni Air Hub) OKBK
Muscat(Oman) >> Dubai(UAE) OOMS OMDB
Muscat(Oman) >> Islamabad(Pakistan) OOMS OPRN
Salalah(Oman) >> London(UK) OOSA EGKK
Caracas(Venezuela) >> Houston(USA) SVMI KIAH
Aruba(Aruba) >> Honolulu(USA) TNCA PHNL
Singapore(Singapore) >> Dubai(UAE) WSSS OMDB


Omg thanks!!!

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