What are the most liked screenshots and videos posts

As we know the awesome 20.2 fan trailer has 181 likes

What are the top 5 most liked post because I want to know where this post stands on it.

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It’s the most liked one coincidentally.


This is what I found. I think that that is the most liked post, actually!

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congrats to @Alexander_Nikitin for being the most liked #screenshots-and-videos post i guess


Wow that is cool he has the most liked #screenshots-and-videos category topic

Pro tip for anyone wondering this or a similar question about a different category here’s how you see this.

Click the hamburger menu in the top right.

Select the category you want to view (in this case #screenshots-and-videos)

Select where it says latest

Select top

Select Weekly

And then select all time

Other timescales are available but that’s how you see the top topics ever.