What are the most annoying type of people in infinite flight

Totally agree on this one

A380 is literally a monster aircraft
Operating them isn’t easy for some people 😂

The reflection in the mirror.

sometimes when on speed 100(takeoff time)they come out of nowhere and I must pullup and tail scrape before the TENERIFE airport disaster repet

Can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed on the expert server…someone announcing they were taking off 8R and then taking off on 26R (which is obviously still a NOTAM to be used as a taxiway)

And now someone else taking off on 26R

I just took like a 2 month break from IF and got a new iPad to play on. First flight in expert server I see a A380 take off opposite direction with incoming traffic…. It’s good to be back 😂😂


yes definitely. Everyone does i dont know how its annoying when people sleep during long hauls. Literal pilots do that 😂


I agree totally. I love variety and I really dont care if i dont get the bUTtER landing as in real life you just want to land safely.


An a380 for a 2 minute flight 💀


I agree. I prefer to land at 24R rather than 25L so I give it some attention.


I’ve seen it. Again, it’s mainly an issue when the airspace is busy. Like, you notice the approach line is long and IFATC is probably busy with them, taking off on a route like that and trying to wedge yourself in probably doesn’t help them.

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people who send a message to atc then continue to disregard it and do this a lot (me btw)


Every single departure requesting or just using the same runway because it is closer to their gate causing delays and lineups despite an essentially unused runway on the other side of the field.


soo im not the only one

I can personally confirm. Doing local flights when it’s busy is probably one of the most annoying things as an approach controller; hence why I deny them most of the time.