What are the most annoying type of people in infinite flight

What are the most annoying things people in infinite flight do. Me personally when people repeat their message to IFATC 1000 times


I must be in the list. Sometimes i forget my extender open while landing. Once i did it on EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) route.🌂

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Local flyers flying into a busy airspace drive me up the walls!

Particularly the classic EGLC/EGKK - EGLL flyers.


I don’t know how but you manage to mention El Classico in each one of your posts


I find annoying those people that don’t do flight plans, that only do SID, STAR and Approach but nothing in between. In a short flight is okay but seeing this in a long flight makes me nervous


I think we can all agree that the people who don’t listen to ATC are really annoying


Completely self-interested people who don’t care about their surroundings when ATC isn’t active. I can’t stand it when they take off right when you are landing, cut in line during the wait for takeoff, or land with too little separation to you.


People who fall asleep during flight. 🫢


People passing out of nowhere in taxing to runway when ATC is disabled.


Expert server players using airlines in countries that the airline doesn’t even have a destitution or route in that country examples I’ve experienced somebody flying Southwest Airlines at YSSY, Spirit Airlines in EHAM or OMDB Royal Jordan at RJTT Ethiopian Airlines or Air India at KLAX Alaska Airlines at SBGR Hawaiian Airlines at NZAA just some examples of airlines at airports where they don’t belong I believe expert server should set the example of realism maybe ATC can inform players (feature topic possibly) that that airline doesn’t belong at this airport the same way the tell us that certain size aircraft can’t takeoff or land at the assigned airport

Also airport ATC have you do a 360 on final after about 15-20 minutes with ATC approach normally, one time for me it was 34 minutes of being directed to the airport only to be told to do a 360 by ATC Tower and deal with ATC approach all over again is very frustrating and annoying to the point everytime I’m told to a 360 on a busy day I just quit the game


Is it acceptable if its an overnight like 10/12hr+


When people do ONT-LAX LCY-LHR.

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controllers who try to tell you to connect to their approach frequency when you are at 36,000 overflying their airport on you way to an airport 12 hours away


people who go super slow 10 miles away from the airport
this one 737 was in front of me doing 125-130 ias 10-8 miles away from the airport. to add on to that i was heavy and my minimum speed was about 15 knots faster than theirs. had no choice but to go around


Cargo plane in Passenger terminal, Big aircraft on small gates or vice versa, On final someone going enter the runway, the list goes on. .


For me, it was not longer ago than last month during an LHR - BNA bengazi.
I was on short final when that guy spawed with a EK777 and jumped on the runway as quick as he could to takeoff while I was on flare phase…all of this still in the expert server by a grade 3
poor kid


@Moussby_Diaby literally 2 hours ago…

Annoys me to a point you can’t even believe

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Sorry for that I flew over it on tuesday

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People who just aren’t realistic on Expert server.


The ones who doesn’t follow ATC instructions !