What are the Live+ benefits?

When my monthly live subscription ends on Nov.12th, I am going to get live+ (which i think is the 12 month subscription). I understand that I will get all air crafts and regions. But will I be able to use all air crafts and regions on solo flight? Can i use them on solo flight offline? online? and once my live+ subscription ends in a year from the 12th, will I still be able to use all air crafts and regions?

Also, if I but all of the air crafts separately, and i get the 1 month subscription, can I still use them?

You can use all the planes and regions offline and online if you have 1 year subscription, but when the live subscription is over you can’t use the planes and regions that you have not bought.

If you buy all the aircrafts separately and you buy subscription then you can use the plane you have bought.



Nope, unless you bought them separately before you signed up to Live+

Yes. I use the monthly sub. The difference is that you don’t get access to all the airport areas and planes. You have to buy them separately anyway.

Ok, thanks!

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Thanks to you too!

i had bought live for multiple months and bought few planes aded up to 30 bucks, that was after live came out. and i figured i would keep up it for a while, live +, 50 dollars you get all planes, all regions even when your offline and have no wifi!

even the a3__ when it comes out ;)

Multiple threads already on this topic. Please search before posting