What are the least flown 20.3 liveries?

I am referring to which of the liveries in the 20.3 update have people flown the least. Many people obviously fly Delta, American, United, and British Airways a lot, but I wonder if there are any liveries that really aren’t flown that often…

Some guesses

Ghana International
Guyana Airways

And also, wonder how they manage to get room for both Cabo Verde and ECAir? Maybe because they got rid of Aeromexico, Allegiant, Finnair, US Airways, and Northwest?

I wish we could have these instead of:

I haven’t flown Guyana, Ghana, ECAir, LAPA etc and many more.


Definitely Guyana airways.

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Personally, I wish there was somehow room for them all. We all have different interests, and the 757 has one of the biggest operators lists. So, diversity is the key, and I wish there was a way to include Northwest and Finnair and all of those as well as Ghana International, Guyana Airways, Ladeco and LAPA

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Cabo Verde stays
plus it was the most voted for.

Is this a topic of you saying these new liveries that were added aren’t being used so we should add back the old ones?

If so I highly highly doubt any changes will be made, as my mother constantly says, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. And I barely saw people using those older liveries. I use Cabo verde any time I’m in Europe and I use EC air when ever I want lol.

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Yeah, ikr, and welcome to the community @Texas_001!

No, no hate to the new liveries here. Look at my reply to @tunamkol. In fact, I think Cabo Verde, ECAir, Jet2, and La compagnie were phenomenal adds!

So then what is the point of this topic? To state the obvious!? Which is that everyone uses delta, american and united!?

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Actually for those who care a lot about realism, there is an issues that it is sometimes difficult to find flight numbers even if the routes are known, especially for Ghana international cuz it’s no longer in operation.

please do not start this again… those Questions has been answered multible times allready…

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Wow I actually laughed out loud to this…So we should also not have the DC-10 or MD-11 or any retro airline because they no longer grace our skies!? If you cared enough about realism, do your research!! There are timetables from back in the day, and also searching on airliners.net often has photos with captions that include the flight number! Or make up your own flight number lol, it is a sim afterall!!


I always fly realistically and I did manage to find the routes Ghana International flew with the 757 and there’s only two:
Accra - Düsseldorf - London Gatwick and Accra - Johannesburg

The only airline that I can’t find though is Guyana Airways, I have dug so deep and still found absolutely no information on the routes they operated

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I am merely making a point… You are putting words in my mouth.

I’m aware of that, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the point itself is a rather weak argument. I’m criticizing the idea, not you! Your point is taken though.

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All of the liveries that were added for “diversity”

Guys calm down. We are civilized human beings capable of keeping a civilized discussion.

Relax everyone


First time I used a livery for Guyana Airways 757 from Manchester (EGCC) today to Guyana capital (SYCJ) as its scheduled for active ATC on Expert Server
I must admit there’s few pilots carrying the livery thou!

I’m planning on using the LAPA livery, it’s one I’ve been hoping to fly since FDS announced the B757 rework.

Based on both pictures I found on JetPhotos, Guyana 752 was spotted at TTPP and KMIA and I assume they are both flying back to GEO (base). Another two routes for you, enjoy it! :D

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