What are the IF myths you want me to test?

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What are the IF myths you want me to test out?

I need to update my channel, or my 2 subscribers are going to get angry :/
This is simple! In this thread, ask about any myths that you have about IF, and if possible, a list of steps to complete it! Some examples of questions would be “Can you do this with this plane, Does this place exist in IF,” etc.
I will pick the most creative and appealing ones, and your post, username, and profile picture will be featured in the video. If you do bat want any of these happening, please say so in the post. Later on, I will feature the YouTube video in #screenshots-and-videos. Happy flying, and ask away!

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Your mom and dad? 🤭 (jk, don’t take it personally)

Could you try to fly inverted with an A380 at or above FL340 with max thrust… do this on Solo though :)


And idk who the other one is


Hey look at that, I’m a good guesser, now time to bust the myth or get busted by the myth… if that even makes any sense 😂


I once saw a picture on the community of someone who was basically in low earth orbit in an F-22 in IF. I don’t know the exact altitude but they were definitely at least 200,000 feet (if not higher). Tried it myself and couldn’t get above 60,000, but I also wasn’t trying very hard (also def a solo mode thing)

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Flying vertical, then speeding down to earth as fast as possible? I did that online. I got to FL-1130

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Just gonna add a small poll
What do you want in the video for my main communication with you?

  • Text and Background music, No sound effects
  • Text with sound effects
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Are we allowed to suggest more than one myth to be tested? Or is it one question per person?

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Suggest as many as you want, but not too many, so other people can have a chance

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Bumping this again! I still need 2 more myths before I can complete the video!

You can land with 0 fpm. I saw there was a record of a guy who landed al like -1fpm so I want to put this to the test.

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Oh dear… someone give me stable hands real fast

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We all know how to get an F-22 into space…
But is it possible to do the same with an A380?

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Oh dear, tomorrow, my joystick is gonna snap in half…

You need to get to FL30 + in a fighter and then dive straight into the ground/sea at 90 degrees at M2 or above. Wait for a bit and the jet will emerge from the other side and launch into outer space. Caution: Do this outside airport airspace … best done over the sea. Enjoy


I am bumping this! I would like a few more myths before I go ahead and make the final product!

Bumping this once again!

Can you land a f22 at 1000kts without crashing doesn’t matter if you over run

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This is your last chance to get in a myth! the thread will be closed in 15 minutes

The Airbus a330 is in need of a rework. Try to see if this is true by playing it a lot.