What are the ground effects what was added to the 737?

So what exactly is understood under ground effects for the planes in IF?

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Well, the A-10 got a better suspension system, which came in the same update as the 737 Mini-rework. Other than that, they may have improved some of the broken things on the aircraft suspension, though I’m not 100% on this.

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Alright thanks :D

Ground effect is a phenomenon with aerodynamics, where the air pushed to the ground by the wings bounce off the ground and back up on the wings - creating a lot of lift.

You can read all about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_effect_(aerodynamics)


In addition to what Mats said you will notice it when coming in to land and the plane floats, previously without this the aircraft would not hesitate to touch down and would result in quite a few hard landings.

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Thanks pal for your explanation and answer! Does the A320 family already feature this in IF?

Oh okay nice that’s awesome!

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Also confused 😂😂 so the planes wings lift up during landing, bounces or floats?

Or the plane itself floats

Read post #5

Ahh so the plane it bounces off the ground then

No. The plane itself does not physically bounce. In layman’s terms, ground effect is getting more lift when you get close to the ground.


So the plane floats

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Correct, you can easily see this when you push a piece of paper across a table. The paper starts to lift up and float.


Yeah tire right that’s a good example! Thanks for the explanation!

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