What are the five things you want the most in the future of IF

Here are mine

  1. Taxiway lights
  2. Landing lights show on ground in front of you
  3. Map shows landscape and landscape feature’s Altitude
  4. Runway approach lights
  5. ATC can tell you to taxi to a certain gate that fits your appropriate size for your plane, though that might slow busy ATC down, so they can simply say “unable gate assignment”, and also the map shows gate numbers and if you click on it, it shows the size info, and finally the gate number posted next to the gate on the ground.

Is this a request for these items?

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No I just want to know

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I think this can just be discussed under those topics for those requests as I’ve seen requests for most of them.


We have had so many of these threads over time that it turns into a feature request debate.

See this for an example.