What are the Fighter Restrictions?

The title mostly explains it but let me go into detail - how far can we stay away from other aircraft? Is there like an altitude restriction for that? Over 10,000 feet what is our speed restrictions? Or do we have none?

There isn’t any really any in general. It got removed with Global.

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restrictions? or the aircrafts? please be spefic

There are no speed restrictions. Pretty self explanatory.

alright but what about other restrictions?

Umm…there is none and really never has been.

Id say its a kind to go around 220 below 10000 in my opinion

Oh, there might be airport restrictions if your aircraft is too big for the airport

I know that one because it’s below 10,000 feet and that applies for everyone

No fighter speed restrictions, however flying full throttle will quickly burn through your fuel and it’s not recommended.

Inside a controlled airspace on the expert server should be under control, civil and reasonable. Very little tolerance will be given for aircraft flying at insane speeds near a busy or controlled airport.


I think your question has been answered. Any more questions and a PM is necessary. ;)

Thank you, Tyler. WIll keep that in mind. You can close this now

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To add what Tyler said, there is also the Aerobatics restriction. Not 100% about the parameters surrounding that one though, but don’t go Blue Angels in the vicinity of an airport.


To add to what Seb said, you have 196.9 million square miles to fly. Plenty of places to go nuts besides major airports! 😬


To add to what they both said, the acrobatic parameters always change and not even Laura knows exactly what they are.