What are the effects on performance when anti-aliasing is turned on when using a Galaxy S6?

Hello IF-pilots,

I have a samsung Galaxy S6 with medium settings with just a little bit of lag in IF LIVE. Do you guys recommend me using anti-aliasing or will that just give me more lag. I know what anti-aliasing does and on the moment it’s turned off. Let me know down below!

Feels like just yesterday the S6 was released. Sorry to hear it’s lagging for you!

Turning AA on will most likely cause a bit more lag, yes. But you can always give it a shot and see what happenes :)


I use a Samsung 2017 A5 that lags with AA on but IF looks much better with it on so upgrading to the S9 which I believe can run IF without any problems.


it indeed feels like the samsung galaxy S6 just got released <-; . thank you very much for the info, see you in the IF SKIES!

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Ok, good to know (-; . Thanks for your reply!
See you in the IF SKIES!

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I have a Galaxy S6 too and I wouldn’t recommend to turn AA on except if you you have all the other settings on Low otherwise the frame rate just crashes. It’s an OK device but whenever you can it’s better to upgrade as the device is a little bit old now (it was released in 2015! I cannot believe it…).

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Anti Aliasing can cause lag on many devices. It states itself that it’s not fully supported by some devices, and it’s true. Some devices just don’t get on with an AA overlay, as it increases the required GPU power and such. To be honest, it’s not a massive loss.
Infinite Flight looks great with or without AA enabled!


Thanks man! This was really helpfull!
I’ll think about upgrading my device.
See yah in the IF SKIES!

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I definitely agree, IF is indeed a great looking game! Thanks man, this was really helpful!
See y’all in the IF SKIES and enjoy the rest of your day (-;

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