What are the CRJ-700 Flight Requirments?

Hi, I am starting to fly the CRJ-700 and I have a few questions about the aircraft.

What is the cruising speed of the CRJ-700?
What is the cruising altitude of the CRJ-700?
What is the landing speed of the CRJ-700?
How far from the airport does the CRJ-700 begin it’s decent, and what is the decent rate in fpm?
What is the climb rate in fpm?

Thank you!


Google is your friend. You can also use fpltoif.com for cruise speeds, descent rates, and ascent rates.

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Cool! Can you teach me how to get the information from that website?

Create a flight plan for your flight (use simbrief) and when you scroll down the page you will find your TOD and altitudes at every waypoint and the v/s, pretty easy to use


I should say this since I fly it a lot. You should flare at 25 feet and gently put it down. Landing and takeoff speeds vary by weight.


The post below contains some pretty helpful information as well. Before even checking the magic Google, I’d search in the #tutorials category as the information provided is specific to Infinite Flight.

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This is also a good place to have a look…

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Yeah recomend checking the tutorials on the Infinite flight YouTube channel.

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