What are the chances of flying on one of Southwest Special livery?

Southwest flies lot’s of Special liveries. Some are just minor decals, while others are painted on the entire fuselage of the airplane.

Last year, I flew on WN to Ohio, and I am thinking of doing it again this year, as my cousin (Who we are very close, like brothers), lives in Ohio.
I am looking at August, but my main question is: How rare is it to fly on one of their special liveries?

Manchester Airport in New Hampshire is a big station for Southwest (Behind Providence in terms of Destinations). Of course, we will on occasion get one of their special liveries.

If I was to fly on Southwest, what is the probability of me flying on one of their special liveries? Which liveries are more common on the East Coast?

I know this is like a silly question, but I am curious :)
Florida One seen landing in Manchester, NH from Baltimore, MD (My Picture)


Well, Southwest has a Livery for about every southern state. As well as two retros and the Shamu livery. In total they all equal out to about 18 specials. You would have about a very slim chance to fly on one, compared to the rest of the fleet.

However, a few of them are on now decommissioned planes, so it is about a 15th of a chance.

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I’d say slim if timed right. It depends on the number of special liveries (35) in a ratio to the number of 737-700s in Southwest’s fleet. Hope you’re lucky! :)


Florida One is my favorite 😭♥️


They don’t have Shamu anymore.

I think they have three retro 737’s


Do your research on to special liveries flying out from your airport the day of your flight. Then plan your flights accordingly.


They removed one and repainted it

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Please note I did update it.

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We are getting Colorado One tonight as well.

I’m hoping to fly on a special livery. Not sure how I can track all liveries at once though. MHT does get some a couple of times during the year

You can always check flightradar two days before and then book your flight but it may be full or the aircraft could get changed

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Why book in two days? I usually book two to three months in advanced. Minimum is Three Weeks at most.

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KPDX, (Portland) gets a Southwest Special about every two days. We get them so frequently. I have even been spotting when a special departed, and was still spotting when the same livery returned the same day.

There are a total of 35 active special liveries among Southwest’s 754 aircraft.

35/754= ~0.464807437% chance on flying on one.


There is the in a nutshell version.

Yes, I would not suggest this. I only suggested it because FR24 shows an aircrafts flights for the next two days


However, if you want to book the same day. You can plan accordingly. However you would have a better chance of taking a Horizon special livery out of KPDX then getting on a Southwest Special anywhere.

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I live in Manchester though lol

Wow you guys are lucky. Every day? Wow

Scratch that, about every 20 hours.

One taxied right by me one hour ago as my plane lined up for takeoff at KSAN.

I would say we get 1-4 a day in Atlanta. One day we had seven arrive within 10-15 minutes of each other. I had school though 😒😭

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