What are the bots

How many bots are there on the IFC? Also what do they do? Yes I mean actually bots like discobot.

I’ve on,y ever seen discobot. I guess there could be more… not sure.

can you move this to #meta

Edit: oh yeah, and System

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


That’s a very good question. There are quite a few bots on the IFC:

  • @discobot: Helpful and friendly robot showing new users around and sharing its wisdom.
  • @system: Likes to open topics when its hungry. Usually eats Jet A-1 and broccoli.
  • @infiniteflight-bot: Helps to automate things for the Infinite Flight Team. Very secretive.
  • @schyllberg: He doesn’t admit it but I don’t believe he’s human with the amount of work he does in Support. I’ve got yet to proof it but I feel like I’m close to a breakthrough.