what are the black rectangle that are above planes and the map?

could someone tell me please…they either say a positive number or negative number…what are they?

They are relative to the altitiude of other fliers based on your own altitiude

For example, if it says -160, that person is 16,000ft below you. +160 is 16,000ft above you.


That number shows the other plane’s altitude based on your planes altitude. Example: +45 would mean that the plane is 4500 feet above you. -20 would indicate the plane is 2000 feet below your current altitude.


but there not on all the planes…sometimes there close to you and sometimes there on planes that are far away from you

Could you provide a screenshot?

not at the moment…sorry…earlier I saw one with +245…what would that be?

It means there’s a plane flying 24,500 ft above you in relation to your current altitude.


Yeah exactly what Nathan said…

oh ok…case closed…lol