What are the best spots to go plane spotting at YSSY

Hi community, I was just wondering where you guys think the best spots are to go plane spotting around the airport. Also feel free to post your own photos of planes at YSSY.

Visit this. But sadly I have no photos, only from BNE and MEL :-(

Aww thanks anyway! :)

I may be going soon, so if the thread is still open, I’ll post some pics!

Are you planning on visiting?

This is the whole point of the #real-world-aviation:spotting category. You can make a topic about your photos.

A quick google search was able to give me many results. Remember to search on google before making a topic about it!


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there are many places
sheps mound
nigel love bridge
mill stream look out
the beach idk its name
im pretty sure you you can go to the top of the rydges hotel for $10
if you have a car or heaps of time would recommend just walking around where the planes are
and if you wanna see photos here
shameless self promotion


all photos uploaded by @Chris_Hoss and @Adam_S arent as good as mine :)

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I’ve found that Nigel Love Bridge is a really good place to go to if runway 16R/L are in use…

Here are a few photos from this place…

Aside from Nigel Love Bridge, I would recommend other places such as Mill Stream Lookout (not as well known), Shep’s Mound, “The Beach”, The International Carpark, and I’m sure there’s a few more places which I haven’t listed, which other people could maybe pickup on?

Hope this helps!


This was at Emu Carpark were you can get good pictures of the aircraft on final for 16L

This was another one of my pictures from when I was at sheps mound. Few more below
At steps you can get good views of the landing aircraft on 16R and the rotation from 34L

Sheps mound also gives you good view with landing aircraft on 07 if YSSY is using that runway. Note that sheps mound it not good when in the afternoon as the run is in the background and heat haze becomes a problem at about after 1pm so anytime with in the morning and until midday I find works well.

As you see its not the best of pictures in the afternoon.
Anyways here are just some more pictures when I was at sheps mound

Great pictures with the aircraft coming up right near the fence on the taxiway Charlie.
You can get good pictures of aircraft on final for 16L as well as the departures from 34R

Hope this helps decide on where to go. Depending on the type of shot you want there are lots of places for you make up your mind on.
Little bit more of my pictures can be found on my insta link in my IFC bio


heat haze starts kicking in around 10-11 usually i find and dies down 2-3 this also depends on daylight savings

The heat haze was bad at the time I went which was about 2pm when i was there at 12pm it was fine.

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With the smog from the fires the long distance spots may be limited so just be aware.


When are the best times to view the big commercial jets land ir takeoff?

Anytime @SwissForceProud001 is always busy in Sydney, clack flightradar 24 for arrival times

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Usually from 10 to about 12 you will see a lot of heavies takeoff to head to asia and America


Check out the link below. In that website shows you all the possible locations at YSSY and with information about those locations and also good times to go.

Well you are true Sydney is constantly getting heavies they tend to cluster in the morning from 6am-12pm and then a few till around 3 then freighters after that

Also late afternoon you get the Qatar and Ethihad and the euro airlines

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