What are the best aviation scanners currently on the market?

I am a go to get a scanner. I was considering the Uniden BC125AT Analog Police Scanner Radio. IS THIS GOOD?? What are your ideas?

Also check out http://ordplanesandaviation.weebly.com/

Do you just want a receiver or do you want a radio with transmission?

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just the receiver

I don’t think a police scanner will pick up airband frequencies so you want to look for an airband receiver.

Here is an example of a handheld airband radio. Ik its not exactly what you are looking for because it xmits but just to give you an example.
Icom IC-A14 COM Aviation Radio

Two Way Radio, Baofeng Walkie Talkie UV-5R5 5W Dual-Band Two-Way Ham Radio Transceiver UHF/VHF 136-174/400-520MHz

Would this work for aviation?

Any links? Looking for one for the UK


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Thanks mate

I don’t know if It works for aviation. I was trying to find that out

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For clarity before I purchase that will get any frequency or just ones near me?

Let me know what you find! Thanks for looking!

I don’t know

UV-5R will not work for airbands. from memory

Edit: Double checked, it will NOT work.

ok thanks for letting me know. DO you have any suggestions on what I should look for?

Uniden Handheld Scanner - Black (bc75xlt)

When I used to go Spotting to my local airport i used a Uniden 125XLT (still have it) which is about £110 but it is worth it, it also picks up military etc. I would recommend purchasing an external antenna such as a Watson , this will increase the coverage of the scanner and pick up aircraft on a further away range. I was getting London control from Scotland. However , now I just use my other scanner as I can’t be bothered to programme the Uniden. The 125XLT cab be programmed yourself (you have to type in the frequencies) or you can use software on your PC. If you want to know more check out the site: http://mobile.radioworld.co.uk/uniden_ubc125xlt

There are also many other cheaper scanners that do the same on the site above. :)

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thank you.

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