What are the auxiliary apps for IF?

I already have live flight- infinite pilots- and IFATC helper. And finally can someone please name them fore me? So I can get them. Thanks for reading

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In Flight Assistant(Only for iOS)


I was waiting for that


Do you have anroid?

What on earth is IFATC Helper?! I have never heard of it!!

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I’ve never heard of this, what is it for?

:) hope this helps


IF-Charts for charts.

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U just purchased this app IFC HELPER
it’s not able to search icao codes

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I did not purchase the app, I wondered what it was so I looked in the app store:-)

@a_gudimenko and @Axel_B are the developers of the IFATC Helper app so I would consider contacting them if you have any issues with it. :)

I just messaged them Let’s see

Hey guys, sorry about that one :) the data source provider is changing s lot of stuff so it broke a few things on our end too. Rest assured we’ll fix this. Unfortunately I don’t have a time frame yet, but we’re aware of the problem and working on it


It notifies you of the pilots who are online and flying and controllers who are controlling airspace

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