What are the airports with the best scenery?

Oh my home airport (KCLT)has planes on final over Carrowinds (Cedar Fair Amusement Park) it’s nice to see the rides in a plane
That’s my fav appr in the southeast

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I wanted to do that approach a few days ago but approach sent me a bit far from the Hudson. I did the expressway approach once, it was nice. I’ve also done a few times the Parkway Visual for 13L at JFK, I enjoy it every time👌🏽


My favourite so far is LOWS (Salzburg)

Absolutely stunning depature from Runway 15/Arrival to Runway 33 if you want to try it

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LOWI, PAJN (Juneau), OPGT, OPSD,VNKT, VQPR, KASE, CYVR, PHNL, PHTO, SCEL, SKBO, and anywhere in the western part of China - all of these have superb mountain views during approach; and some of these airports require superior approach and landing skills!

Inside, it’s a disaster, outside it’s a masterpiece.


That’s part of the fun, strong windy scenic landings. 😀

My personal favorites are TKPK, PHNL, TBPD, PHTO.

Along the Alaskan Panhandle seem to be some good ones. These in include PAJN, PASI, and PAKT.

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Was dropping in to say this, Alaska is stunning, any flight from there into western Canada is amazing. Then of course lowi is great

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Singapore is obviously beautiful 😍

No pun intended

In reality though, VTSP (Phuket) is nice. I like to call it the Hawaii of Asia.

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Flying the TJBQ approach is absolutely breathtaking! Nearing the end of your journey you are greeted by a beautiful island that takes you over beautiful coastal canyons as you near the gold course a couple feet of the runway threshold! Another lovely approach is is TJSJ as you approach the island from the north as you start nesting he busy cities and beautiful old San Juan! A river greets you on final approach to the runway. I may be biased with my islands gorgeous approaches but I must say that the Colorado region is spectacular as well as the bay approach in SFO not to mention Innsbruck and Madagascar.

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Airports with the best scenery








The ABC Islands in the Caribbean are absolutely beautiful.
Aruba (TNCA)
Cucaçao (TNCC)
Bonaire (TNCB)

Tip: Sunset landings at all 3 of these islands are breathtaking.
St. Eustatia (TNCE)

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Southeast Alaska, Homer, Kodiak Alaska
Dutch harbor

The Caribbean has amazing scenery period!

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