What are some questions you would ask a pilot in real life?

Hello everyone,
I was wonder what would people who know aviation well ask a pilot instead of the boring questions like “Is flying safe” It would be great to see answers for this question.

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I think this should be in #real-world-aviation

I have a real A380 pilot only for me who helps me.
The question I had always wanted to know the answer was: is it really possible than an Airbus can land itself? Because in the game (IF) it’s possible to do it, is it a game assistance for beginners or is it really possible? He answered that yes it is possible to do it, it’s even the process in case of zero visibility. The A380 can even stop itself in front of the good runway exit.
So I wasn’t shame to use APPR.
The problem is now I’m only use Solo without subscription so I chose B737 (because A321 is complicated to get steady (he told me that pilots don’t really like this plane for the same reasons than in IF)).

well wow, I am surprised that an airbus is capable of doing an APPR on its own and bring itself to a stop in front of possible exit !!

As far as i know that in on the newer aircraft

Please pardon me. I need help to understand what
" across SAT final" means …or

" …base turn to SAT at 040"

Its the SAT I can’t work out. I trying to assist a student write better reports …so I am learning how they are written by professionals. Can you help me?

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