What Are Some Of The Most Weird/Unique Airline Routes?

What do you guys think are some of the most unique/weird/special routes airlines fly?


  • Singapore Airlines: Singapore to Manchester to Houston.
  • China Southern Guangzhou to Vancouver to Mexico City
  • Azores Airlines: Terceira to Oakland.
  • Hainan Airlines: Beijing to Tijuana to Mexico City.
  • United Airlines: San Francisco to Chengdu
  • Air France: Miami to Pointe-a-Pitre/Port-au-Prince & Atlanta to Pointe-a-Pitre.
  • American Airlines Philadelphia to Bologna.
  • United Airlines: Newark to Palermo.
  • American Airlines: Chicago to Krakow

There’s definitely many other unique routes, other than these fifth-freedom and P2P routes. What other airline routes do you think are special and stand out to you?


United’s Guam-Tokyo flight


Its got to be Loganair Westray-Papa Westray. One minute, ammIright?


All of Allegiant’s routes because no one knows what 90% of their destinations are.


Bellingham, Washington though. Like, I was kind of born there.


Also, budget airlines fly to weird airports near major cities because it is cheaper.


Delta: Manilla to Tokyo. Feels weird that an American carrier includes service between two different non-U.S. countries

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Virgin Atlantic VHHH (Hong Kong) to YSSY (Sydney)

Although I believe this flight was terminated.

Although this route ended, Korean Air used to fly an A330 between Los Angeles and SĂŁo Paulo I believe, which I always thought was weird.

Some other weird routes are like the 20-minute flights from San Francisco to other cities in California like Santa Rosa and Fresno. These flights sometimes even spend more time on the ground taxiing to runway 1L/R at SFO than in the air!

Klas to Kxta

Aka Area 51 …

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Facts @Dylan_M :)

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China Southern: Guangzhou-ĂśrĂĽmqi-Vienna
Delta Airlines: Indianapolis-Paris
Cabo Verde Airlines: Sal-Washington, D.C.
LATAM Chile: Mount Pleasant-Punta Arenas
WestJet: St. John’s-Glasgow
Virgin Australia: Perth-Christmas Island-Cocos Islands
LOT Polish Airlines: Budapest-New York
Condor: Whitehorse-Frankfurt
Air France: Paris-Havana
TUI: Newcastle-Orlando

These are off the top of my head, I’ll see if I can find more.

As you can see, I enjoy flying underserved and less-known routes.

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VNKT-VNLK dangerous route

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Air New Zealand used to have a route operated by the 767 which was RJAA-NZCH-NZAA but was later terminated.

Emirates used to operate OMDB-VTBS-YSSY-NZCH using at first a A340 swapping to a 777-300er before changing the route to OMDB-YSSY-NZCH using the A380.

I feel like 90% of the routes on this list are just going to be 5th freedom routes.

Anyways, my nomination is BR’s RCTP-VTBS-EHAM route.

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All the FIFO routes in Western Australia.

My grandma is from Palermo, and I know for a fact that KEWR-LICJ is not a real route

United will be beginning this route soon (Newark to Palermo) in May of 2020 (pending government approval)


Most of these are airlines connecting through cities they aren’t big in, but what’s so weird about that? It increases global connectivity, and allows previously uneconomical routes to be launched…

Also seems like quite a few people here are underestimating the size of some foreign cities, even some cities you may have never heard of are actually quite large, and tourism is two ways…


Hainan Airlines is about to terminate Edinburgh to Dublin I believe

United’s Island hopper, and Singapore EWR - SIN

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