What are some of the most notable or major aviation news/developments of 2019?

With 2019 coming to a close in 10 days, I thought it would be good to reflect on the news and developments of this year.

What do you believe are some of the most notable or major aviation developments of 2019? It can be anything, whether it’s on a personal or public scale, from aircraft deliveries to new routes, crashes, bankruptcies, new airlines, aircraft orders, etc.

Of course… let’s get the obvious one done.

  • 737 MAX.

What are some of the most notable aviation developments/news of this year?


First electric beaver flew!


I’d say Qantas choosing the A350 for Project Sunrise was pretty notable and the effects of the decision will still be felt many years down the road


Ummm what?

The First ever in the world electric airplane tokeoff and it’s owned by Harbour Air which flies between my home and a couple other cites to Vancouver


So the name electric beaver is due to it being in Canada

Airbus announcing that they will be stopping production of the A380 in 2021


Yes I t is lol

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777X Engine Issues, 787 Engine Issues, Oxygen Mask do not deploy on many 787’s across the board, 737NG Minor cracks (structural damage), and Announcement of 737MAX to suspend production (temporarily) in January 2020!

Let’s Look at the Positive, History Making, Achievements Done in 2019;

  • Japan Airlines to receive their first ever Airbus aircraft ever, the A350-900XWB.

  • Scandinavian Airlines to receive their first A350-900, to start traffic in 2020, replacing aging A330/A340’s.

  • Biman Bangladesh fought corruption and made new orders for 787-9 and received their final 4th 787-8 this year, as a part of their fleet modernization.

  • Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, both have received their first A350-1000’s.

  • Jeddah Airport New Terminal 1 opened, with plans to move airlines to the new terminal in Q1 of 2020.

  • Beijing Daxing also, a design- engineering marvel to open at Beijing, China.

  • New Istanbul Airport opened, with all commercial traffic now operating out of the new airport.

With so many amazing wonders occurred in the World of Aviation in 2019 — And with the sorrow of loss, we have made, where deadly accidents have taken lives once again, we have to remember, that as we enter 2020, there will be many positives and negatives to come and in comparison 2019, has been one of the safer years in a long time.

This Decade Ends In Less Than 2 Weeks From Now. It’s Been A Flight That Has Gone Up & Down — Let’s Soar High Into 2020, A Decade To Arrive 🛫


No one is mentioning the A321XLR launch at the Paris Air Show with MEA as the launch customer and dozens of other customers eg American and Jetblue


Weird how no mentioned the fall of WOW Air. Also there’s LATAM’s decision to leave Oneworld as well as 10 years of flight 1549

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If someone mentioned all of them… there would be nothing for others to mention. You gotta share the fun with everyone ;)

But I’ll be honest. I forgot about the fall of WOW Air, so having other mention it does remind me of other happenings this year. Im not so invested or interested in the news regarding WOW Air, and the same goes for the A321XLR launch, But both of course major news, and with that I may add;

  • The Temporary Shut-Down of Jet Airways’ Operation, back in April 2019

  • China Eastern’s Plans to Fly A350 on Beijing Daxing - Paris, Starting March 29, 2020

  • Frontier’s Plans to Expand with Flights to El Salvador, Miami and San Juan from Baltimore in 2020


Southwest starting flights to Hawaii! Not major but really major for Southwest.


KLM was the first airline to be 100 years old still under their original name

The fall of Thomas Cook

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For me, it’s Alaska and American Airlines cutting benefits with their partnership.

Other than that, sadly, the 737 MAX. Though my guess is it will have a large recovery in 2020.

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Hmmm, interesting…
We’ll see about that one

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Has to be the 737 MAX. Hopefully, Boeing can get it together and get this thing back into the air!

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New Orleans has a new airport replacing the one that was like 60 years old!


The Aeroflot fire


Should of remembered that. It was a disaster… As well as on the community.