What are some of the flight you guys have been on in real life?

In 2019 Ryanair EIDW-LEPA “ best flight ever” so we are boarding normal right and pushback everything was fine until we were taxing to the runway and suddenly turn back to the gate I wonder y the captain came on and said we forgot fuel 🤦‍♀️ And was delayed an hour like how do u manège to forget fuel 😂


They are as follows:
MDW-MCO Southwest 737
MCO-MDW Southwest 737
GRR-MCO Air Tran 717
MCO-GRR Air Tran 737
DTW-CUN Spirit 321
CUN-DTW Spirit 320
GRR-ATL Delta 717
ATL-CUN Delta 739 (non er)
CUN-ATL Delta 333
ATL-GRR Delta 88
GRR-DEN Southwest 737-700
DEN-PHX Southwest 737-800
PHX-DEN Southwest 737-800
DEN-GRR Southwest 737-700
GRR-BWI Southwest 737-700
BWI-GRR Southwest 737-700
GRR-MDW Southwest 737-700
MDW-RSW Southwest 737-700
RSW-GRR Southwest 737-700

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Here’s all my flights from the past 5 years

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What app are you using to see all of those?? @Jack



Here are mine! My dad kept a list of all flights I’ve been on ever since the day I was born, including the flight number and even the registration of the airplane. I took over a few years ago and just keep recording my flights. My first flight was on February 4th, 1998. I wasn’t even one month old back then.

I had some really cool flights planned for 2020 but then the pandemic happened. Haven’t been on a plane since February 2020 now. I really hope to add one or two flights to the list again this year!


I’ve been on quite a few, but my favourite / most unique are:
VNKT - Lukla (Tara Air)
KSEA - OMDB (Emirates)
CYWH - CYHC (Harbour Air)
CYYJ - CYVR (Air Canada, Pacific Coastal) (Air Canada’s shortest route in their network)
KLAX - CYVR (Air Canada A321 with 12 PAX, no safety briefing, in mid 2000’s)

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MSP-DEN Southwest 737
MSP-SEA Sun Country 737
MSP-LGA Delta 737
MSP-LAX Delta 757
MSP-SFO Delta 737
MSP-SLC Delta A320
MSP-DCA Delta 737
MSP-DEN Delta A321
MSP-MDW Southwest 737


A lot more than I can remember

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WOW! Thats a lot of airline miles you’ve accumulated! Any favourite / unique flight you can think of?

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Yeah, I’ve had the opportunity to accumulate plenty of miles on my frequent flyer statuses, it’s great. As for my favourite flights, I’ll give it to WSSS-KEWR and back. Both flown on the A340-500 and the A350-900ULR, the cabins are absolutely great for their time and hey, the longest passenger non-stop service sure is unique.

I just can’t remember them all in specific, since I was usually working on flights or trying to squeeze sleep in.

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Here’s mine from 2012-present. I’ve obviously got more flights to file, but I’m too lazy to do them

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That would be quite the experience for sure! What did you think of flying the A340-500 vs the A350-900ULR?

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Something like this…
I’ve flown many of these multiple times, so it’s not quite representative of reality.
For example I’m north of 300 SFO-SBA round trips

Talk about airlines miles with all those flights! Any favourite / unique flight / flight experience?

Flying a 737-200 in 2017

Lima-Cuzco, that was quite the ride

Cabins were the best of their time, however I could see how in some ways the A350-900ULR could be slightly worse off compared to other A350 business class cabins like the Qatar QSuites since its release, but still no doubt one of the best on the market.

You should come up to Canada and fly Canadian North’s B737-200!

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Yeah, it’s definitely a niche market for the ULR variant. I don’t think there are many route’s it would be profitable on.

Haha yeah, I just want to get on a 737-400, the only classic I haven’t flown on