What are some iconic landmarks that you've seen in IF?

Golden Gate Bridge*
Or Bay Bridge*
My favorite landmark is my house 😂


Great to hear you love those :)

The Rocky Mountains! They are so beautiful! ⛰

My favorite has to be departing out of SFO, the city and the water and the landscape is breathtaking.

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I saw Lagoa das Sete Cidades whilst departing out from Ponta Delgada


It’s a shame they don’t have 3D landmarks, Empire State Building, Etc

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My house, best landmark ever. I’m sure all of you guys know what I mean? It’s one of the wonders of the world

for me anyway…


Niagara, Uluru, Himalayas, Aussie Alps, New Zealand Alps

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LOL 🤣 I haven’t find mine yet


Mine was the grand canyon. I did a group tour in f22’s flying in between the grand canyon of Arizona


Are those dots maybe the pyramid of geza?

Here’s a place where you might get ideas of places to fly to:

Can be hard to find for some. Good luck!

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