What are some great VFR spots to fly at?

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Recently i’ve been getting into flying the General Aviation ACFT, and doing a lot of VFR flying. Im making this post to ask others where they believe are some good spots for flying low and slow!!! I have already flew around Alaska, Hawaii, Yosemite, the Southern Keys…any other great places to fly at?


Try Borgarfjordur Iceland (BIBF) and Burlington Ontario (CZBA)

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The San Juan Islands in the PNW are beautiful. The area between and around KORS and KFRH is great to explore with a sectional chart.

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mb-new-map--600x432 (map from Mackay Bar Ranch)


Caribbean, short hops out of TNCM

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I usually take a TBM or 172 and fly from KAVX(Catalina) to Santa Barbara or an airport down south by San Diego

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Flying around South of New Zealand is beautiful and also the Bahamas and down at Key West

Rockies (Colorado, Montana, Wyoming etc)
Hawaii is also nice

The alps (LOWI) are beautiful.

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The Alps are stunning! Try to land at Courchevel airport.

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The Grand Canyon is a great place to fly VFR in my opinion.

A good VFR place is around Alaska. Especially around PAJN, PAOH, and PAGS.

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