What are some good tips or tricks to getting a smooth landing?

I’ve been playing the game for about 3-4 years now and I can’t seem to get a somewhat of a decent landing. I usually average between -360 to -150fpm. Every now n then i’ll get something -100 to -50fpm, but i feel like it’s not very common. I use trim about 7-10% and I calibrate. Can’t seem to understand why i can’t land decent. 😂 i was thinking maybe from my anxiety I start shaking a bit because i’m nervous about my landing. But anyways if you have any good tips please lemme know!


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Any landing you can walk away from is a butter landing. So:
Step 1: Line up for final
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Walk off the plane like a total boss 😎.


good point, i hear that a lot. i should keep it in mind more often

I would also suggest at the beginning, do not be scared to float, once you have nailed the butter aspect then you can focus on not floating.


Once you get within like 0.5 nm of the threshold drop slightly lower than glideslope that way you can flare more aggressively and reduce your descent rate without going too far down the runway. Try to keep your FPV (if you use it) on the horizon when you’re within 10 feet of the ground (listen for the callout). I also find this is much easier on a tablet versus a phone.


A trick for a good landing starts with a good approach in my opinion, you want to be established and stable way before you get to the runway. I usually intercept the localizer at 180-170kts depending on the aircraft, and then I’m at my final approach speed no less than 5.0 DME from the runway. For trim, trim the aircraft until the magenta line disappears. This will make life easier and controlling the airplane will be easier as well. Each aircraft is different, the 737 will drop like a rock when power is taken out, while the 777 will float into next year. Practice is what will make things easier, definitely in solo mode where you can test a multitude of factors such as wind, turbulence, etc. Hope that helps!


Practicing is all I can say:) a smooth landing required a stable approach and flaring on time. Flaring too early/too much would make u float and flaring too little/late would make u drop like a rock onto the runway. Land smoothly but in touchdown zone required practice.

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