What are some good routes for Over-Nighting?

I will be doing a long haul flight tonight, what route should I fly?

Hey there! For overnight flights, I usually fly transcontinental between KJFK, KSEA, etc. and another major airport overseas (LFPG, RJTT, etc.)
Another option is to start a flight to tomorrow’s IFATC-covered airport, KIAH. For example, Sydney (YSSY) to Houston (IAH).
You could also try drawing inspiration from this list: Suggested Routes | 2019

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JFK to Rome and many others

Check this out too👍

You can do
YYZ-BOM Air Canada 789
YYZ-DXB Air Canada 789

You get the idea, but with long-hauls. Same idea.

i mean dont really know why you would want to stare at a screen for 12 hours but CYYC to EGLL can be in done in a BA 787-9

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It’s an overnighter, he’d be sleeping…
I’ll PM you.

@Crcoli737 I suggest anything involving KIAH. It would be fun to wake up to IFATC in the morning. :)

but how would you know when to land?

Find out the ETA, then decide when to sleep and wake up.

You will be up the next morning to land :).

I’m assuming you haven’t done an overnight then yet but you really should! You simply look at the ETE and make sure everything is set then set an alarm or just wake up and land when you need to.
Also for the thread here are some routes
ZSPD - KLAX (11 Hours) - Shanghai - Los Angelos
KDFW - RJAA (13 Hours) Dallas Fortworth - Japan

You can always find tons of routes on the forum or in VA databases or just make up your own which is what I sometimes do.

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If you sleep as long as I do when I dont have school (about 14-16hrs) then KDEN-FAOR. If it’s a school day (about 7.5 hrs of sleep) I’ll do KPDX,KSEA,CYVR-RJAA

There are several topics that include this list; which are posted above, so make sure to read them before posting.

Anyways, here are my favourites:

WHHH-OTHH (B747 cargo)

What I would do, is I would takeoff from an active ATC airport, and I’d land on an airport that features tomorrow’s ATC! That way I get ATC during my flight!

I would do a flight from a busy airport then land at a airport that is so unknown, such as Madagascar or “PADK”

Or Air Canada 😃. This is the last route I took irl.

Now I finished 12 hours route VHHH-EDDF on A340.

KLAX-LLBG is nice long route too (on 787-10)

What if he wakes up late and gets ghosted by app if his plane runs out of fuel.

That’s unlikely if you load several hours extra. I think it’s more important to set an additional waypoint to divert plane away from atc to avoid getting reported