What are some good canyons for flying in?

I recommend the Mach Loop in the UK.

There happens to be a pretty Grand one in AZ.

The Mach Loop in ScotlandMach Loop


Thats Welsh 🙂

Good choice though.


I just flew in Grand Canyon, and it’s really good, but tomorrow I’m going to try the “Mach loop” as requested by two people already ;)

Jackson Hole , Wyoming . Gorgeous scenery there.


If anyone wants to takeoff into the Mach loop (realistically) you want to take off from RAF Valley

I just looked at the mach loop vids, and they seem really fun, I’ll try it soon! ;) Thanks for the advice everyone!


If you take off from KDRO in southern Colorado and fly north towards KTEX, you’ll see passes like Engineer, Imogene and Molas pass. Really great scenery and canyons there also.

I was really looking for someone to say KASE 😂

@Sashaz55. MaxSez: Fly the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam.
The AShaw Valley & Leatherneck Trail in the Anamite Mountain are a blast from Khe Sanh, Hue to Danang. I know this route nap of the earth by heart. (Flight Plan will be posted soon) for now just extrapolate from the map.


Palo duro canyon. (KTDW)

There’s good low flying areas in the UK other than the Mach Loop.

Scotland is full of great low level routes. This video is of a flight from Loch Earn to RAF Lossiemouth.

The Lake District and surrounding area is also good and often used IRL. This is another video recorded by me flying from Windermere to Bassenthwaite Lake.

Having a second device always helps as you can use it for navigation with an IF tracker app.


Just had a little go for Star Wars canyon, was pretty awesome! It’s here, you’ll need LiveFlight to help you find it.


@David_Beckett. MaxSez: Flight Plan Pls. I lost my save file on this one.

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@AlphaSeven. MaxAsks: Post The Flight Plan Pls.
Thanks, Max

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Hey Max, no flight plan, just some VFR flying. It was actually quite hard to find it because there were so many canyons.
Airport: O26; Lone Pine airport.

Have fun!

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There was a flight plan, you just cant see it for most of the video. If I remember correctly the first video was flying up from Brize Norton, I just ignored it after going low level because I was navigating visually and there aren’t many waypoints.

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I really like Marble Canyon for canyon flying. It’s a smaller canyon. It’s fun in a jet or spitfire. You can find some really great lines. Just take off from Page (KPGA). Canyons half mile west is the airstrip. And head south. It eventually will lead into the Grand Canyon.

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