What are some flaws of Infinite Flight?

The response to the new update has been overwhelmingly good. However, in a world where technology is always improving, flaws are easy to find and can make games so much better. What are some of the flaws that you have found in Infinite Flight? keep in mind that I do not want a list of bug fixes. This has to be about how infinite flight can improve their airplanes, liverys, scenery, and flight deck interiors. Global is a great update and I am in no way saying that I am unhappy with the game as it is. How can infinite flight improve?

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Hi, we appreciate your post today but you can always write a review in your app store with your constructive feedback to help improve the sim as a whole.
Read here ;)

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Is this needed? No flaws, at all. Pure excellence.


This isn’t a review. Did you even read the post? I’m asking for ways that infinite flight can get better, not rating it.

No need for to be hard or harsh with me, im only trying to help. If you find any flaws write a review constructively.
Edit: Thanks @schyllberg ;)

So, what is this supposed to be? A summarize of #features? ;)