What are some chargers to use?

Today, I was flying from Sofia to Lisbon but on final approach, my iPad died. That was about a 4 hour flight and it seems like I can’t do long haul flights with the chargers that I’m using. I do have my iPad on the charger the whole flight. Any suggestions for chargers to use?

Use an ANKER power supply

I use the Apple iPad charger that comes with the device, and that works for me.

Maybe you could try decreasing your brightness settings, that might help.


Another suggestion as well, would be to turn on low power mode which can be found under settings in-app. Also turning down the graphics slightly and lowering the brightness whilst at cruise, can help prolong battery life.


Any USB charger (bought in a reasonable store) with at least 2,4 ampere will work.
That is the consumption that is used by a iPad, assuming you are charging with Lightning.
If you want to play safe, you can buy a 2,4+ ampere, mainly they are sold as 3.0A chargers.
But you will not charge faster because of this.

Check your current charger, you should see some text where you can check the output.

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This is coming from a guy who likes to fast charge everything but rarely lets his devices get low anyways, buttt…

Personally, I have two Anker PD 26800 power banks that I use. When I’m not on the go, I instead use my 45W Samsung fast charger, since it’s USBC it works with the iPad Pro 2020. Failing that I will resort to a simple 2-2.4a charger from my power strip.

I always recommend using a high quality, decent enough cable of at least 6’. Don’t skimp on your power brick either; NO 1W CHARGER!

I use low power mode even when I’m charging because of heat issues and I don’t want to stress my device when I don’t have to.

Edit: As stated above by someone else, do not go below about 2 amps. Unless you’re on low power mode, and maybe even then, your device will slowly trickle away, which isn’t good for it. (Batteries do not like being 100% full all the time, but they also don’t like unpredictable charging practices. Either charge higher than your total energy consumption or don’t charge at all IMO.

It might not be the charger It might also be signs of the batterys age so If your device is older that might also be the problem :)

My Huawei Mate 20 Pro came with Huawei’s supercharger. My phone can fully charge in like 40 minutes. Highly recommended

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