What are some busy routes on Expert server?

What are some busy routes on Expert server? Like not the schedules busiest route but the most popular routes on Expert server!


I will say that KLAX- EGLL is one of the most busiest routes!

Same as every other server I guess… LAX to SFO 😂😭


KJFK-EGLL is one of the most popular ones in my opinion.

Some of the routes that are popular in my opinion are EGLL-KLAX, EGLL-KSFO, KJFK-KLAX, KSFO-KLAX, KSAN-KLAX and EDDF-EGLL. Of course some routes on Expert are between where IFATC is. I.e: if EDDM (Munich) was an active hub on day 1 and RJAA (Tokyo) was an active hub on day 2 you might see a few flights between the two.

It really depends on where the IFATC is. Like if ATL was the hub you would see lots of routes under an hour to places like BHM, JAX, MCO, CLT, GSO, CVG.

I would say that any flight into Heathrow (especially KJFK,EIDW,EHAM,LFPG) are the busiest Aside from FNF of course


If all ATC was excluded, it would just be your standard (American and West European) hub to hub routes, JFK-LAX, JFK-LHR, JFK-SFO, LAX-SFO, LAX-LHR, LHR-AMS, LHR-CDG, things like that.


The routes mentioned above are the most popular. But are you going only for popular routes, or fun routes too?

True, those routes are very popular on all servers!

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This is petty I realize, but I take issue with your inclusion of GSO, my home airport. Even when it is a featured airfield, I am nearly always the only one there. Would really enjoy it getting some love, but alas.

It’s kind of the same in all of the servers, but expert server probably has the most diversity as there are more adventurous pilots and also featured regions too, which will get people of out KLAX, EGLL, and KJFK.

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just go to the ATC location map and it is busy

Not gonna go for a route per say, but given there is only one to two tracks in each direction, the NAT tracks are pretty busy these days.

Welp ahaha I do that route alot so I used it.

I usually do LFPG-KLAX because of AFKLM

Usually routes to or from active airports

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The route from the previous day’s hub to tomorrow’s hub.

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