What are some apps to enhance and make photos more realistic

So just asking I seee some peeps in the best photos topic posting some photos and some of em look super real because some of enhancements and they also look super realistic does anyone know any apps that are able to do these ? I

There is snapseed, I also just use the editor in the photos app on my iPhone/iPad

Ahh ok cool thx!

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There is also Adobe photoshop express on apple devices. It is a very nice one.

Really how to use it though?

Opening the App and choosing the photo to be edited.

The first page that appears after opening the app consists of the most recent pictures. You can only choose one at a time. Click on it and it would open a page similar to the one below.

Getting started on editing

After clicking the picture, this page would appear. On the bottom horizontal tab, you can use filters, crop, add texts, edit the lighting of the picture(which can be adjusted) etc.

You may use the left and right u-turn arrows at the top right to undo and redo(works only after undoing).

You can even use the wand thingy to let the app edit the pic for you automatically.

There is an icon at the top right of a canvas shaded and unshaded at equal proportions. This can be used to toggle between your original version of the image and the edited version.

Saving/sharing the picture

Click on the icon( the one with the arrow pointing north of the page. It would lead to a new page which you can decide either to save the image in your collection or sharing it on social media directly.

Here is the app:

Enjoy 😉

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Thank you so much!!!

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You can also get Pixelmator($5), Affinity Photo($20), Procreate($15), and the ones mentioned above!

Like @hi15td said, Snapseed is cool. I use that most of the time.

I use Pixomatic, it’s around 2$ or 3$ but its worth it. It’s good for lighting such as : Ground light Wing lights logo lights e.t.c.its got everything you need.

In my opinion the only downfall would be shadows. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Here is an example of what I was able to do…

Here is another one😊

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