What are reports

I font know how to get reports

Hello! I’ll first start off by saying you do not want a report! A report is when a ATC controller on Expert Server reports you for not listening, not responding, or doing stupid stuff like trolling or taxing through grass. You can also get a report or ghost by getting over 6 violations during one session. This is like overspeeding, or doing flips in a 747. These only apply on Training and Expert Server. To sum this all up, just use your common sense, and try to respond to ATC as soon as you can. If you do ever get reported, use the following below:

  1. Go to your Logbook
  2. Go to the flight that has the words “1 Report” in the notes column
  3. Fine the name of the controller. It will usually say a Username or IFATC ____.
  4. Come on to the Infinite Flight Community, go to three horizontal lines next to your profile picture on the right, go to users, and then type the name you see.
  5. Private Message that person so they can explain to you why you reported. If you can’t find the person, feel free to PM one of our many moderators. They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction

Hope this helped!


Yes thank you so much so I have none so that’s good

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