What are red and green runway numbers

I just flew from KLFI to KHST and had a 50 to 70 knt tailwind all the way to Florida. I get there and HST is showing green for runway 23, red for 5 . So in my mind I’m to understand 23 is favorable. But as I approach and decend to 5000 ft I still have a 30 knt tailwind,. So I call runway 5 even tho it’s still red,I turn on to final and what I’m thinking should be a good 15 to 20 knot head wind has mysteriously now shifted again and is now a 20 knot tailwind forcing me to go around and land back at 23. Can someone explain why this happens?

Metar showed a 10 knt from 210*

Long story short, the winds change as you are closer to the ground. When you are approaching an airport, I suggest checking out the ATIS of that airport (you can pull this up online) and it will give you the airport reading.

For IF purposes, sometimes the winds do not catch up to what is being notated on the ground. So as you tune into an airport’s frequency, it will update your weather. As such, what appeared to be a tail wind, becomes a headwind correctly.

Trust the Green/Red, as they will give you the favorable wind readings on final (usually). And as @Altaria55 said - red green doesnt always mean land that way.


Just because it’s green doesn’t mean you should land on that runway. Always check the IRL traffic patters before landing.

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More like check if there is any IF traffic going the other way.


Lol. That too.

Well that explains that,. God I feel dumb. Is that announced on atis even if it’s not controlled by ATC?

Yeah, there was no one there!

Thank you! Info received !!

I think he was refering to checking the IRL wiki lol. I only do it when all runways are green.
But you could just use flightaware as well.

Thanks fellas! I appreciate the input, it helps allot!!

Not always. You should follow what ATIS says regardless of the weather conditions.