What are people doing?

Why are some players taking off from the taxiway or directly from gate by going through the terminals/ buildings?

And why are some landing on the taxiways ?

On which server was this? Training or Expert?

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Both, Especially expert

When has this been happening? And at what airports?

^ Let me know of the airport you’re seeing this behaviour at and I’ll spawn in and have a look

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This is common on the casual server, but should not be happening on the other ones, especially the expert server. In the future, please provide screenshots (dates and times are helpful) so moderators are able to investigate.



Probably mostly at densely populated airports like OMBD etc…

I am not sure if it is happening currently

Airport u should look at like Densely populated airports like OMBD , KSFO, London Heathrow etc…

Adding onto this, it’s best if you let us know as it is happening, so we can take corrective action. You can pm us on @ moderators if you see this happening in the future.


Yeah sure, no probs

Sure Sir , not a problem

Bro, this is not because of glitch

This happens quite often, some people don’t know how to it

Yeah I will 👍

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Make sure to include both you and the aircraft doing such things, along with your player tag present.

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I will do tomorrow because it’s 12pm for me , and I am on a almost final approach into LAX

after landing etc… going to sleep

It’s been a 4 hour flight

Not all expert server pilots are as high and mighty as you think. I’ve seen many who haven’t a clue what their doing.


Please see the responses from Jason and Drummer in regards of what to do in the future. Thank you