What are missions for?

I’m not sure what missions do. Do you get an reward for doing a mission? Do you get new missions after you finish some of them? Can somebody answer this question?


If you want to enjoy the game with a more objective-oriented approach, missions are there to offer you a route & aircraft you may have otherwise not thought about flying & using!

The missions are continually generated in-game, and when you get to the training server you may notice more missions being suggested to you if they have active ATC.

As far as XP goes, I don’t believe there is a difference or a bonus of any sort, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve done a few then and have noticed nothing different.


If you don’t have a pro account, missions are pretty much just for fun. If you have a pro account (or is considering getting one), just everything @Veloist said above and to give you some variety!


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