What are 'HI-***' approaches on charts?

I’ve been wondering this for a while. What are ‘HI’ approaches?


This one is into KNUC. It appears its just a standard approach path, but a lot, lot steeper. I’m a little confused what they are for.

Thanks in advance!


They’re tactical approaches for military aircraft (like the C-130) so you could definitely use these now. ;) Basically the same as a STAR, but a lot steeper than normal approaches.


Awesome, thank you! Will give it a spin with the C-130 when I get it. 10p off ;(

HI approaches are intended for high-performance military aircraft to conserve fuel in the arrival/approach segment by minimizing their time at low altitudes.

(I sound really smart saying that, don’t I? :P - I just googled it… LOL).


Basically, it’s a steep ILS for military aircraft to get down quicker. Results in less fuel loss and a quicker time where they are slow and vulnerable. At least that’s what mr internet said

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