What are good headphones/headsets for IF?

Does anybody recommend a good pair of headsets or headphones that work well on IF? My budget is $250. Thank you

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To be honest, most work, I use my generic apple earphones because they have a built in microphone and they’re easy to travel with, they’re not those earphones that fall out of your ears every five minutes.

But if you want a proper headset, go for JBL, they’re pretty good and are good quality.

Depends on what type of headphones you want:

  • Gaming
  • High sound quality
  • Comfort

There’s tons of different options, try and search for it on Google! With a budget of $400, headphone options available will not disappoint you.

Regular iPhone headphones are absolutely fine. You don’t need to invest anything above $100 for a mobile flight simulator. Just my opinion though; you do whatever you want with your money.

Wow $400 is a lot for just IF. I use these from time to time, same ones I use at the gym

I just found the Beats Studio 3 Wireless on sale for $249

I just forgot, I need money saved up also for a new ipad. I lowered it to $250

My main thing is high sound quality and second is comfort

@AggieAirlines tbh, I don’t like the sound quality of the Beats Studio 3; it’s overpriced and sound quality is meh (just like normal Samsung earphones)

In terms of comfort, I would say it’s quite good, but the sound quality is not good enough for something in that price range.

I hear ya there, just bought an iPad Pro for when I start flight training in a few months. Not to mention IF works great on it lol

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So you don’t think the Studio 3 isnt worth it for $249?

Im planning to get the iPad 2018 that was released over a week ago

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Yeah it looks great for the price point, you really can’t beat it

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Nope, you should probably look for Audio-Technica headphones, the Senheiser HD 800 and definitely some Bose noise cancelling headphones. (apologies - I’ve forgotten the model name)

But you should always go for your personal preferences - Google is your best friend