What are Flares?

What are flares during landings? ….

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When a pilot pulls back on the yoke (steering wheel thing), which causes the plane to angle up slightly more, causing a vertical speed to decrease, which in turn causes a smoother landing. That is a flare.


Airplane Flying Handbook, Chapter 9: “The round out is a slow, smooth transition from a normal approach attitude to a landing attitude, gradually rounding out the flightpath to one that is parallel to and a few inches above the runway”

Interestingly, this source defines the round out and flare as the same action. There are other documents that exist that would say they are distinct and separate phases (Example, 5.11.2). I was taught and studied that the round out was the part where vertical velocity is decreased prior to touchdown, and the flare is the part where the aircraft is generally kept level above the runway until touchdown. Either way, it’s interesting to see the differences among flying subgroups.

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When the plane pitches up during landing so the main gear touches the runway before the nose wheel does.

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