What are all the voices that are available in the settings in spoken content for Infinite flight?

Dear Infinite flight community,

I’ve been wanting different voices then the default ones given in infinite flight. I already have a few voices myself, but I just wanted someone to clarify the amount of voices that are available for infinite flight use. It would be very appreciated if someone could answer that! Thank you for your time!

Captain_Ian :)

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I’m not sure, but I think it depends on the Text-To-Speech app your device has installed. I don’t know about iOS, but on Google Play you can install Google Text-To-Speech. This one has a lot of voices in English.

I’m sorry if I didn’t answer what you asked for

Yeah I have iOS man! Thanks for trying to help though :)

No problem dude, happy flying!

Before I could do it by downloading the voices of Siri !. But now she won’t let me

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I’m going to head over to the Spoken content page and just try out some voices.

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