What apps for IF would you like to see?

Looking for some more app idea’s for IF, what would you like to see?


A route planner for global


Please note that the #developer category is exclusively for all contributors to Infinite Flight.
If you have no involvement with any independent development group, do not post here.

Moved the topic subsequently.


I have involvement with an independent dev group…

Yeah, but to post a commentar here you should too.
If you want to have answers from the whole community, leave it in #general.
If you want to have answers from developers, move it back to #developer.

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He is part of Virtualflight whitch has developed virtualcheck and is developing Virtualcharts now @BavariaAVIATION

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We nearly all know that, we’re just trying to explain that only developers would be allowed to reply to this topic if it was in the #developer category.

There are nicer ways to go about this, can we get on topic please?! 😉

I’d like to see an application that automatically re-routes your FPL and LNAV to take advantage of favorable tailwinds or diverts you from unfavorable headwinds. This of course would be for global. 🙂

Still, I think it’s better off in #general.

Sorry, didn’t mean to cause an argument. :(

I’d love to see LiveFlight for iOS.



Well 😃 that’s up to you to do

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I would like that too ;)

Now @Cameron has hijacked my thread… :( ;)

What about Android?