What apps do you use on the side?

I use Descent calculator just to help me plan my decents, what apps do you use next to IF to help you navigate, charts, etc and make your flight more realistic and enjoyable? :)


I use fpltoif.com for flightplans.


Will give it a try, thanks

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Hello there 👋🏼, here are a few apps you can try out:

IF Checklist


Awesome, thanks mate 😊

Apps on my iPad Pro 10.5”
In-Flight Operations
In Flight Assistant
Both on the same iPad with IFA in slideover mode for

Apps my iPhone:
IF Checklists for Checklists and descent calculation

Websites on iPhone:
Navigraph Charts Cloud
virtualBlue (soon our V2.0 website!)
and usually IFC open as well.


I use in flight assistant (in app purchases expensive but saved me from alot of violations), in flight operation, IF checklist, and fpltoif.com


Awesome, will check the ones for the iPad, thank you!

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I can’t recommend them enough. We actually helped conceive and develop In Flight Operations-it’s an ACARS app that records all your flight parameters so you can try and continuously improve.

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I use Flight SimBrief, Flight Database, In-Flight Assist, Infinite Passengers, Infinite Tracker, and Live Flight Connect.

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Wow, you win 😁

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I’m using FPLtoIF which fetches flight plan from simbrief. Fantastic site. It also gives descend rate to use it with IF assistant vnav which also great app, Kudos to both develepers!!

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I will definitely start using it 😊

I use Live Flight, I find it useful to see other aircraft far from me on the map and as well with picking a good airport with a lot of traffic sometimes!

For me it’s IF Assistant, IF Operations, and ForeFlight. ForeFlight is my favorite, but I don’t think it’s worth the money if you only use it for IF; Aerovie is a good substitute for it though. FPLtoIF is always great for getting quick plans, and ifatc.org is really nice for following ATC

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How much u pay for foreflight if I may ask

You don’t need a Decend calculator, just write in the Altitude in a normal calculator Picture down her:
Picture 1: Altitude

Picture 2: Here you divide in 24 minutes (minutes are for you to know when to start decending)

Picture 3: Just worry about 1,400 not about 1,416 (Now we have got the result for VS (Vertical Speed) that is, you should decend by -1 400

Very nice, I like the decent calculator because it gives you minutes, miles based on your height and decent rate, it’s free as well 😂

OK…here we go…

IPad Pro 12.9’’ (2018) - Flying Device

Infinite Flight
Infinite Flight Assistant (IF-A)
Infinite Flight Instruments (IF-I)
Infinite Flight Operations (IF-O)

IPad Pro 12.9’’ (2018) - Planning Device

Navigraph.com (for SID and STAR charts)

IPhone X (Monitoring Device while away)

LiveFlight (so I can track progress while out of house)

Infinite Passengers