What apps can I use to make IF more realistic

G’ day everone! I have a question. I will start today with playing Infinite Flight. It looks like a great game! But how can I make it more realistic for my flight? What apps can I download or what websites do I need to visit to make my flight 100% realistic :).
Like is there any weather app so I can view the weather on the route?
I have microsoft, so it needs to be an app that I can download on windows or an app that I can download on an apple device.

Thank you.

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To make things more realistic, you ca use flightplandadabase.com to create a realistic flight plan. You can also use companion apps like IFassistant that can make things more realistic in-flight

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I already heart about IFassistant. But anyways thank you!

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I use infinite passengers for safety briefing, v1 callouts, and GPWS callouts. And I also use infinite operations for flight logs. Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I will try out! Do you need to buy any subscribtion?

Nope. You can use Infinite Passengers without a subscription, even though they put in your face that you need it

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Great! Thank you!

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Hey, these are the websites I use:

Infinite Flight FPL Converter With this website you can create realistic flight plans, it also provides your V1,V2,VR speeds, estimated flight time, block fuel and more useful data.

https://descent.vercel.app This site calculates your top of descent because VNAV is not very realistic in IF.

I’m not sure if there’s a weather app specifically for IF, I use Windy website just to check if there’s strong winds in my planned route. (You can download the app too)

If you want maximum realism you can choose a real flight and search it on FlightRadar to know the altitude and the speed that real aircraft has on every stage of the flight.

Infinite passengers and IFassistant are apps made for IF, but personally I’ve never used it.

Welcome to the community!

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Thank you soooo much! I appreciate it!

SimBrief creates more realistic FPLs. flightplandatabase ignores the current airspace restrictions over countries such as Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, etc… whereas SimBrief does take these restrictions into account.


In my opinion VNAV Descent is very good in IF. Why do you think it’s not realistic?

VNAV descent is realy good. We use that in IRL too. We pilots are just lazy.

Thank you.

Because VNAV in IF makes the aircraft to descend further at a rate of 1500 - 1600 fpm aprox. Normally aircraft descend at a higher fpm rate, so if you activate VNAV you will end up losing some minutes to a real aircraft. Is not a “big” difference, but is more realistic to manually descend.

For tracking purposes you can use

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You can change the altitudes to have a steeper descent angle. I use the altitudes that SimBrief gives me and it means I’m usually descending around 2000fpm on average.

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