What app can record and make time-lapse

Hello guy, does someone know what app can I record and make it time-lapse? Please tell me thanks you

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@Elvin_Danish Are you on iOS or Android?

i wanna know aswell, im on ios

If your on iOS 10 or greater you can screen record through the control center. Just go to settings, then control center, and enable screen recording. Now you will have a new button in your control center that looks like this:

Then all you have to do to start recording is press on it and click start recording. Once your done navigate back to the control center and click the same button again to stop it. Your recording might take a few minutes to save to your camera roll if it is a long video.

A simple video editor for time lapses on iOS is iMovie. All you have to do is create a new project, import the recorded video, and go to the bottom of the screen to adjust the speed. Then all you have to do is export it.

I using Android

I don’t use android but I found these two apps that you can use;
You can use this app to screen record your video:

You can use this app to speed up your video into a time lapse:

Thank you so much

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