What An Atmosphere

I return with a new screenshot topic after… multiple months without. But I had to write one for this flight. I was taking the A330neo out for a test flight to get back to Grade 3, banked left out of Toulouse as the light started fading, and…. Wow. Just wow.

And a few other angles during more patterns, because why not

First Officer on the test flight today


From the flight deck on the next go-around

Had to take the photos in flight because the clouds would have loaded in differently if I reloaded the flight in replay, so slightly lower quality I’m afraid. Also I would highly recommend viewing these with night shift mode on your phone enabled ;)


Nice pictures!


Thank you — glad you liked them! I think this is one of the fastest times a screenshot topic of mine has received 10+ likes haha

Wow! Fabulous photos!

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The first pic looks brighter then my future.

Please take that a joke IFC Staff. Kind off is though

Those look absolutely great. Love them.


@Daniel_Steinman Thank you!

@Ryan_boi Thank you! And don’t say that — your future is as bright as you make it!

And thanks as well to everyone who liked the post! Definitely a personal record for me with number of likes it has received in the couple of hours it has been up. I’m really happy everyone enjoyed the photos as much as I did! (The dev team really outdid themselves with the atmospheric renderings, so I wanted to pay them a compliment and it seems like a lot of you agree!)


Yes, I know. Its a saying that I like to do. I don’t know why though… :)

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Nice cirrus cloud shots! In the future IF should start making some new cloud formations.

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Yes hopefully at some point we will be able to have more cloud formations! But what a difference the initial layer makes!

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