What American Airlines airplanes have you spotted at DFW?

Please post the pictures of the American Airlines planes you have spotted at DFW. Also I don’t have any.

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All of them.

I live in Irving so planes fly over my house but I have been to Founders Plaza and have spotted 777-200s,A319,20,21s and 737-800 as well as the 787 and the 777-300ER
I have also spotted a verity of aircraft operated by other airlines

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nice. Has anyone seen the MD-80 or go some pics?

I’ll will post some pics soon

sounds great. I love American Airlines and American Eagle.


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I see more than 100 AA planes everyday because I live in Irving Texas but here are some good ones

Will send more soon

I have some of AA regionals and an MD80, but none from DFW.

Nice pictures. I leave for DC on the 20th on and A321 and return the 24th on American.

Nice Have a pleasant and safe flight

I know this sounds rude, but…why does it matter? American has a hub in DFW, so obviously most (if not all) types of their aircraft are going to fly there.

Thanks, I look forward to it.

But nobody really spots at DFW and bigger airports are overrated.

I have spotted at KJFK and KDFW (at DFW I had a hotel overlooking 18L and 18R) I also (kind of) went spotting at KATL(Walking around the terminal at midnight because of a 4 hour layover)

My point is that many people pot at KDFW and Big Airports

My pics

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