What am I supposed to do?

I’m currently stopped at ZBAD with a an EVA Air B77W controled by someone who doesn’t have an IFC username available… or troll… it started the pushback when I started and taxied until block my way and shutted down the engines. Wasn’t supposed to be IFATC here? Anyway, there should be something we could do to get rid of this users that keep “destroying” the serious users experience.

Hey @flybarroso
Sorry to hear about your recent experience on the live servers.
All reports about users can be sent with a message to @moderators with a replay of your flight.

IFATC is a volunteer thing meaning that even though these airports may be features they aren’t open all the time

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Well, taxiing trough grass is the solution rn! :(
Thanks for that!!!

Was this on Training Server? Or Expert?

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It is happening on Expert Server! I am there at the moment!

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Well, I suggest reaching out the Supervisors or Moderators.

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That is what I am going to do after that flight (as they may request the replay file)

You have another taxiway in your left,make other push-back and continue the taxi to the runway.

There is no control according to IFATC.org at the airport you are saying I’m checking the game currently.

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What bothers me, is I am not supposed to use that taxiway, If you look closer, you’ll see that…

I appreciate that!

Try to reach out @moderators. They will help you. If you send the replay and ID, they will take care of them

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I am not seeing any controller there. Only a few planes.

There isn’t…

Are you seeing a controller?

You can reach a supervisor if the guy is trolling, IFATC, as said above, IFATC are not able to keep an aiport open for 24 hrs straight, so, sometimes, there’ll be no ATC in that airport, but contact a @ moderators (not worth the tag) or a IFATC supervisor :)

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I think he meant to say a user without username, not a controller, a user is probably trolling him, idk if im right tho

Hey, try pushing back a bit and go to the taxiway on your left. Easy solution.

Oh excuse me. I thought he was saying a IFATC member was trolling.

Me too lol.