What Am I Looking at?


Zoom in. What’s the aircraft behind that 747 in the parking spot, and why is its tail kinda transparent?..

(from infiniteflight’s Instagram)


Etihad B777-300ER


I can see its tail, it looks like the old ethiad logo

No it’s eithiad

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I didn’t zoom, so it could be. I just saw what looked almost to be a maple leaf.

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I thought it was a leaf too…

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Maybe Etihad B777-200LR?

Hmm this is strange.

I would say it’s a 787, but not jumping to conclusions. 😂

It kinda does look like an Etihad 777-200LR, but why is the tail transparent kinda?..

i think its not transparent

Is the FedEx a 777-200LR I believe it is

We’re not talking about the FedEx, lol.

If it was a 787 it would be Virgin Atlantic.

Yeah, but the devs are updating it, so you never know when they’ll release pictures. :)


But this may not be their picture, they may have forgotten to post credit ;)

Sorry to ruin the party, but I’m 100% sure it’s an Etihad B77W, and in the older Etihad livery rather than the new one. :)

The topic really wasn’t about it being a 787, but mostly why the tail is slightly transparent…

Guys this is definitely ethiad’s old livery.

Doesn’t matter what the devs are doing in this case. Currently, the only livery that your device loads for that aircraft is the Virgin livery.

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That’s for my device. This is on infinite flight’s official Instagram. Two different devices. 😂