What am I doing wrong?

Hey! So just now I wanted to do a quick 2 hour flight from KORD to KJFK in a delta 737. I taxied to 28r as instructed by the frequency. When first in line, I requested take off, and was told to hold short as there was a BA 787 coming in to land. Then, the tower frequency said that “no intersection departures allowed” and “please follow instructions or you will be ghosted”. I thought maybe my flight plan was the problem so I edited it to not intersect other runways. However, after doing that and “re-requesting” takeover the ATC replied with the same two messages. Below are the screenshots of my flight plan, ad the conversations between @Sebastian9915 and I. Don’t understand what I did wrong, so I just left the flight as he had made it clear that I was not taking off today.

Server: Expert
ATC instructor: @Sebastian9915



Please PM @Sebastian9915

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When intersection departures are not allowed, you must taxi all the way to the end of the runway, meaning that you can’t takeoff from halfway down the runway.


Ahhhhh ok perfect, I’ll flag the post and it should be gone soon. Thanks!!!


Hey Mike Lima Tango, it seems you are confusing intersection departures with straight out departures.

Intersections are any hold points that are not at the ends of the runway, as in this diagram.


You asked an important question, I don’t think it should be deleted.


Here is clear image. Can you see it goes nearly half way down the long runway, I think infinite pilot shouldn’t think they doing everything right because IF atc doesn’t have capability to tell you where to hold short. Yesterday in Heathrow people were taking off from 3rd intersection cutting 9 people, I was the 10th person, we were waiting in 2 intersections. It’s not like they were behind10. Some of us try to be more patient. it’s nice to clear doubt in the forum.
TORA- Takeoff Run Avilable

This is a great question. For example, on runway 31L (see this photo from real life) where on the runway should we line up to take off? At the last exit where the arrows start or past the threshold by the “31 L”


I thought it was past the threshold above the “31”

Glad that you raised the question.
I’m pretty sure that several pilots were not aware of it.

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Intersecting departure means that you cannot depart from the middle of the runway

No need to repeat what has already been mentioned before.


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