What altitude should I use APPR?

Every time I use APPR, I go up to 4,500ft and put it on, it does it’s normal thing until I notice that the plane is WAAAAAAAY to high. It always happens to me when I’m using it, and I usually never use it as I do Manual approaches by hand. What am I doing wrong that is making my plane go higher than normal? I tried Landing on Rwy 19R at SFO on solo.

Just today, I used APPR at SFO, It did a controlled flight into Terrain. All my passengers died.


Do you have the right approach set?

E.g.: For the right airport and runway.

I tried using 19R at San Francisco on Solo and It went as stated above

Your turning on approach when you arent even on the glideslop yet. That’s your problem. Wait until you are on the glideslop and lined up with the runway before turning it on


Also the speed is set manually by you not by the aircraft. The aircraft only pays attention to altitude and heading.

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Read this.

  1. Set the runway in the ILS/GPS selector.
  2. Engage the glideslope at the correct altitude. Look for the arrow.
  3. Engage the APPR.
  4. You will go up or down to meet the ILS.

One of the runways are SFO has a wonky ILS so it sends you off.

APPR does not care about terrain. You have to be under 200 kts when you engage it. Try to hit the runway heading at a 30 degree angle and then hit APPR. Think of it this way, APPR will force your plane to line up vertical and horizontal. So if you are above or below it will correct. If you are too far off it will not correct all the way and you will go around.

Get in the habit of turning it off before you land so you have complete control.


thanks for the Tip, Only one time It actually worked

About 3000 ft


Use it whenever you are established on the Glide Slope

Or better yet

You’re welcome ;)


That’s because of an ILS misalignment, it has been fixed but weirdly, there wasn’t a scenery push with this past update. I bet Laura is saving it for the big scenery push of Global.

On TS1, around 40,000 feet.

On Expert, around 3,000 feet.


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